Jan 30, 2009

Friday Night walk

Hey guys !

We went to the mini park to walk at night ! Well, since it's cooler .
Sorry for the poor resolutions of the photos !

Angel : Whad? Who's there? Whad's tht sound?!
Mommy : It just the motorcycle my dear..

Now, off to the park we go ! oh , my fav spot ! Aunty Paw getting ready to catch it !
(Realise i'm actually pooping on ground and not grass? Cos grandma says that grass has many fleas so yupp, I've been avoiding them!)

Okay, so we're done to the park and now, to the playground opposite my block !
Ohoh, we saw a maltese on our way back, its fur was BEAUTIFUL !!
The owner was a man age around 40+ ! I can't believe man can do such stuffs ! It's PAWSOME!

Now, we're at the area beside the playground since there's a funeral held beside the playground so we shifted locations ! And.... I SAW.. A BICHON FRISE !

Oh, whad's there?

Now, the story of the Bichon Frise !
Gender- Male
Age- One yr old
Breed- Bichon Frise
Size- A little bigger than me

The person (an elderly lady) carrying him is not the real owner, but the neighbour of the owner's . She loves dog as much as mommy and always help the neighbour bring the dog down as the real owner doesn't do that . Because the owner neglected the dog, in a sense .. of not bringing the dog down for exercise, hence the bichon frise got afraid of walking and is also afraid of dogs. Mommy carried me to see the dog and I stiffed her. I put my paw on his but he shifted his paws away :(
That was MEAN .
Mommy talked to the lady and forgotten to take pics of the dog ._. How silly !
But let me zoom the photo above so you could see roughly (sorry for the blurness!)

There ! And den , we had to go home cos it was late. We said goodbye and left (:
The dog was just staying opposite my block in the other block ! :D
Hope we can meet up again ! ^^

Now, the worse part of the trip !
I thought we were going to DIEEEE since it's poisonous yahh..
Then Aunty San CRUSH it with her foot .


We're saved !

Home sweet home, time to sleep ! Goodnight guys !

Jan 29, 2009

Time for a walkie !!

I went for a walk in the afternoon... and then.. I saw.. the long lost cat "LUCKY"!
If you have read about the few posts in the beginning then you'll know who i'm talking about :D

walking walking walking..

Look ! Can you spot Lucky ??

Here's a clearer picture

Then I went crazy over him . hehe .

went home.. and came out for a walk at night again !
This is when I was on my way home in the lift.
(Lazy me lying down while waiting for the lift door to open)

Tired to the extent of lying down beside the toilet bowl and reluctant to wash my paws :D

Mommy said I fell asleep in this position after I came home till it was dinnertime !

Jan 28, 2009

oh man.. it bath time again !

I hate bathing as you all know..
Hmm ... well ...
Mommy was in sch so Aunty Paw gave me a bath.
OHOH, and Aunty Paw says that she saw a really shaky tooth in my mouth !!
So yahh.. there'll be a post on my tooth coming up soon !! That is.. if i don't swallow my tooth :D

Well, here's the clean&nice smelling me after the bath !
I don't look really happy huh ? It must be the bath !

Okay then... I saw mommy came back and den I started whining cos I wanna get off the chair and run to mommy !
But...I'm afraid to jump off ! :(

And mean mommy took a video of me crying to get off the chair and forced me to put it up the blog.. HOW HUMILIATING !!

Mommy took some photos of me after the bath.

Ace and I

Happy me after the bath

Continuing my post about Ace.. & Chamois !

Okay, so.. mommy got her maid (Kapupaw, we'll just call her aunty paw for short) to stitch Ace's butt .
Here it is ! As good as new !

And Chamois (named by khyra! :D) the cocker spaniel.. I think I have fallen in love with him o.o

Yesterday, i climbed my way up the "hill" onto a plastic bag and slept there. Then mommy brought Chamois to me and I slept with him ! :D

Den mommy took it away :( & left him at the bottom of the hill !

I got angry and stared at mommy . (look at my mouth)

Nevermind I thought, so I went down the hill to get Chamois.

On my way down...

Yay I got him and actually fell asleep in this position!!

Oh well, like all fairy tales, the 3 of us lived happily ever after !

HAIR!! eeew..

hehe, hey guys !
Just wanna share with you guys how disgusted mommy felt when she saw hair all over her packet drink ! Mommy said it was MY fur since they were white in colour !

Look !

If you look closely at the straw... EEW . DISGUSTING !

Whad happened was, mommy was grooming me and then my fur flew everywhere and she drank a packet of green tea only to realise that she was drinking fur too after drink 3/4 of the packet drink !! HAHAHAHA serves her right !!

Of course.. she threw away the whole packet :D

Jan 27, 2009

Introducing.... Ace !

This is my friend, Ace .
He's cute ain't he? hmm..let me explain more about Ace.. The gender.. Mommy said it would be better off a boy since I love him so much :D As for the name.. Mommy and I were thinking .. since my name start with a letter 'A', so my "boyfriend" should start with a letter 'A' too ! Hence, we named him Ace ! :DDD

I love it so much I carry it all around in my mouth (:

Anyway, here are some photos of me with Ace :

I let Ace lie on my back ..

In return, Ace lets me chew on him !

UNTIL..... (Look at the culprit behind, unwilling to reveal her face !!)

In the meantime.. Mommy gave me another new friend :

I don't know about this... I think I still prefer Ace :D
Well, we haven't thought of a name for this little doggy.. Any suggestions ??

Dinner !!

Dinner is SOOO muchh nicer than breakfast !!
There's chicken,veggie, rice and some kibbles mommy decided to add since i'm not eating them in the morning and she cut down on the rice !!

Well, here's a pic of it .

And this is the result after I've eaten












Hee Hee, I'm smart ain't I ?!

Jan 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year !

Yipee it's Chinese New Year !
Grandma gave me a HONG BAO (:

And I was forced by mommy to pose with 2 oranges !

Oh look , this is me & mommy ! Look look ! You noticed it ?! We're both in red stripes !!!
( Mommy edited it ) okay, I called her mommy cos she's the main one in charge of me (bathe, eat, play, walks, groom, blog etc..) ! :D

Next.... To the oranges !
uhmm.. These look yummy !! Are they edible ??

Mommy : Hey ! No eating !
Angel : Hmph ! Meanie !

Okok , Serious serious.. Oh boy, My eyes are missing again !!

Okay, done for the day ! In my pajamas and ready to sleep !

Goodnight guys ! Have a happy new year !

Jan 25, 2009

Kibbles sux !

Oh boy, I really really reallyyyyyyy HATE kibbles !
They taste so bland and awful..

Look how I "enjoy" them .

Trying my best to eat as much as I can..

I feel like vomitting everything out !

Maybe I should learn from Bolt . You know.. The movie "Bolt" ..
Yeah ! Maybe by staring at the kibbles , they would vanish !

Okay.. Whad a mess ! Anyway, this is the best I could do after staring at it for quite some time.
I should practise this more often and maybe one day, ONE DAY, it would be gone.. FOREVER!

Would you stop bothering me with that flashy thingy already?!
Do you want me to make you VANISH too ?! -STARE STARE STARE-

Okay okay, Don't waste food mommy ! Come , let me do it .

My new sailor clothes !

Hey hey !
Look, there it is !
The sailor dress grandma bought for me from Happy Paws !

The top view when I wear it :

Underside view :

Last but not least, Pictures of me wearing it ! :

Yawns, I'm tired ..