Feb 27, 2009

BACK!! ... & VET??

Hey guys ! I'm back ! I miss you all so much !!
Mommy's only free on fri so she can only post on fri.
I went to the vet today ! That mean vet gave me a jab ! :'(

Mommy: Ready for the vet?
Yes mom...

Mommy said it was my annual vaccination. Oh well, I gave a jerk when he jabbed me.
There were quite a few doggies there though!! ><

In the waiting room..

I wanna get down mom !
Mommy : okay ! do it yourself !

Forget it , I'm afraid of heights :X

Looking at the last pic above, did you guys notice the door on my right ??
Well, Mommy took a peek and this is what she saw !!

2 Cats ! They're really well-groomed if you had seen them yourself. The one inside is called Simon, but I don't know the name of the cat nearer to the door. Then suddenly when waiting for my medication, one of the assistant vet let Simon out. I wanted to chase it ! It wasn't scared of me. It sniffed me and went walking around O.O

Oh, and the vet said my bladder stones are still there :( I have to continue my medication.. T.T
Since we were at serangoon, there were many pet shops there and mommy decided to bring me to 'Happy Paws' to trim my nails.

I was so afraid by the many puppies bark, I didn't dare go near them!

After we were done, we went to walk around and then home !

Going up the overhead bridge

walking along the path of the overhead bridge

going down the overhead bridge. Gosh, this is tiring !!

Walk through the park to get home

In the lift.. So tired to even stand..

Finally, HOME !!

Aunty Paw washing my paws :D

Falling asleep..

Feb 23, 2009

Hey Guys !

Sorry but I'll be away for awhile :(
Mommy's not so free for the time being ..

So this is a pic of me before I end this post !

Feb 17, 2009

2 new friends !

Today mommy and I went to the playground to meet her bro again, also in the hope of meeting Bell since the weather was good at that time. Sadly, we didn't see her :(
Then we went home to put down mommy's bro stuffs, and came down again.
This time, we saw 2 dogs ! Or rather 3 !
1 schnauzer, 1 maltese & a corgi. But I didn't stiff noses with the corgi cos it was pregnant and her mommy probably didn't want her to play rough with us .

OH and talking about pregnant, mommy is thinking of breeding me O.O
That.. is not confirm yet, though .
Anyway, the owners of the 2 dogs were 2 young kiddos, probably around Primary3/4 (9/10yrs)
with their mom watching them at a corner.

They were allowed on grass and I wasn't :( so I could only watch them without crossing over to the grass. Then they came on land and it was a little bark and play bites :D But the owners of the 2 dogs looked as if like I wanted to attack their dogs and were so afraid of me !

The rest are pictures :

Next it was zoomies with aunty paw and mommy's bro !

(Okay, something is like wrong with the process of downloading the photos of me playing zoomies)

So, tata ! Enjoy your day guys !

Feb 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day !

Hey guys ! Happy Valentine's Day !
Unfortunately I have no BOYFRIEND to celebrate it with me :(

Oh well, sorry guys, mommy is real busy coping with school homework and does not have time to do any cards for you guys :(
Next occasion, I suppose mommy will help me send out some cards (:

She did bought a little stuffies for me and my other animal friends(2rabbits, hamster, parrot) at home though.
She claims that she brought little money out that day and have to spend it for other animals too so she didn't buy alot for me!
But I don't think so ~ I bet it was becos she is STINGY ! hehe just kidding .

Anyways, here are the photos. She wrapped it in a rush so they look really awful hehe.

Presents !

Mine !!

Posing with Present

Oo, what's this?

Okay, Next it was time to unwrap the present !! It was my 1st time so I took a really long time opening it. If mommy didn't help me, I think I'll take 30mins opening it !!

Video of me unwrapping the present (WARNING!!!! This video is 3mins+ long with me unwrapping for 2mins and playing for 1min+ ; Even mommy got bored watching the video !!)

These are what were inside the present !

Which should I start with ?

Yumm, I love the pig ears and the squeaky toy !!

Pig Ear :D
Drop it mom !

Look at the label !! They said it was for me!!

Inside the Salmon Sashimi packet
Looks like Fish Food but they taste great !!

Mommy was surprised when I actually chewed on the pig ear for a whole 2HOURS to finish the whole thing cos I never liked hard treats.

Just began ! Chew chew !

Okay, Got to go for a spin ! Happy Valentine's day again guys !

Feb 8, 2009

An award from Huskee&Hershey !

We received this pawsome Honest Weblog award from Huskee & Hershey ! Thank you so much guys !
Hmm.. I don't know about this.. I have to expose all my secrets o.o..

Oh well, here are the rules :

"When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog”. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!"

Here goes nothing .

1) I always show my temper by peeing and pooping all over the house when the whole family goes out for long without taking me along.

2) If you locked me in the room by accident and realise it only 2 secs after you closed the door, you will be greeted by a pile of stinky urine on the floor.

3) I ate all my teeth that I dropped so mommy couldn't find them hehe.

4) During my 2nd heat, I would pee on my mommy's bed at night before she sleeps. That made her really mad O.O (shhhh, this is really a secret becos no one in my family knows otherwise they would BAN me from mommy's bed)

5) I like to eat my POOP. If you fail to clear it within 3 minutes, THERE IT GOES.

6) I like to sleep in mommy's cupboard whr she keeps her school's textbook and I would chew on them if i'm bored :D

7) I hate those really hard rawhides be it whatever chicken or other flavours it has (though I really love chicken). I prefer the tender ones which has meat wrapping over it.

8) Even though I met Bell (My best shih tzu friend) for so many times and played with her, I never once NOT bark at her . She barks too but not as much as me.

9) Only after 9 months I learnt to love and appreciate my 2 rabbit friends. I used to chased them all over but now, I sleep with them occasionally.

10) Just like Huskee, I am very fussy about my food except that I won't reject home cooked food. If you decide to mix some kibbles in with the home cooked food, I would pick them out. If you add too much kibbles, then SORRY I'M NOT TOUCHING THE FOOD !

I liked to tag and pass on this award to,
Lorenza, Simba & Jazzi, Vodka, Thor, Saltee & Vinnie, The four musketeers, The AO4

Feb 7, 2009

A new squeaky toy !

Mommy bought me a new squeaky toy !
Yippee I love squeaky toys !
They're the best !

This is the new squeaky football-shaped toy :

Pictures of me play with the new toy :

A video of me playing with it :

I don't know why I love squeaky toys so much and do not like the ball type toys.
Hmm.. probably becos it was the 1st toy that grandma bought when she bought me ..
I still have that toy but it has lost its squeakiness :(
But I still play with it !

A pic of the very 1st toy I got (it's a dog-shaped toy) :

So far, these are the squeaky toys I have. I have other toys too but I do not like them becos they aren't squeaky :p

I still rmb the 1st time I got a squeaky toy and I was so freaking scared of it !
I would hide under a table and bark and growl at it .
When I bite it and it squeak, I would freak out and back away from it !

Mommy calls him Jonathan

Hey pals !!

Mommy's new baby boy cousin has arrived !!
He was brought to our hse since his parents had to shopped.. they weren't ready and quite unorganised...

Now he's 3 days old , sadly i can't get close to him.. hmm.. I wonder why o.o
I was kinda curious about the new smell though :D so I went CRAZY !

Pictures of the 3 day old baby, Jonathan:

A doggy gate was placed in front of the door to prevent me from going in
[ Look at the poor me :'( ]

I waited and waited and waited... then suddenly, TADAH ! The doggy gate opened ! I charged in like a bull !
Eh ? Where'd the baby go to ??

Hmms maybe he's here..

Nope, whad about here??


Feb 4, 2009

Play fetch with me !

Let me introduce to you, my fav toy ^^
I do not like ball toys, I prefer the cute little creatures that SQUEAK !

This is my most fav toy bear bear :D (it's a little off colour at the nose but I still love it!)

grabbing it ..

"squeak! squeak! squeak!" goes the bear ^^


I love playing fetch with it !
Mommy : Fetch !

Alright ! Grab it !

Now.. leaping back !!

Wait for me , mommy !! I'm coming !!