Jan 29, 2009

Time for a walkie !!

I went for a walk in the afternoon... and then.. I saw.. the long lost cat "LUCKY"!
If you have read about the few posts in the beginning then you'll know who i'm talking about :D

walking walking walking..

Look ! Can you spot Lucky ??

Here's a clearer picture

Then I went crazy over him . hehe .

went home.. and came out for a walk at night again !
This is when I was on my way home in the lift.
(Lazy me lying down while waiting for the lift door to open)

Tired to the extent of lying down beside the toilet bowl and reluctant to wash my paws :D

Mommy said I fell asleep in this position after I came home till it was dinnertime !


Simba and Jazzi said...

You really needed a nap, didn't you?! lol

Simba and Jazzi

Angel said...

I guess so !

Lorenza said...

Hi, Angel!
I love my walkies too! And when I come home I lay on the floor because I am tired!
Glad you see Lucky!
Kisses and hugs