Jan 28, 2009

Continuing my post about Ace.. & Chamois !

Okay, so.. mommy got her maid (Kapupaw, we'll just call her aunty paw for short) to stitch Ace's butt .
Here it is ! As good as new !

And Chamois (named by khyra! :D) the cocker spaniel.. I think I have fallen in love with him o.o

Yesterday, i climbed my way up the "hill" onto a plastic bag and slept there. Then mommy brought Chamois to me and I slept with him ! :D

Den mommy took it away :( & left him at the bottom of the hill !

I got angry and stared at mommy . (look at my mouth)

Nevermind I thought, so I went down the hill to get Chamois.

On my way down...

Yay I got him and actually fell asleep in this position!!

Oh well, like all fairy tales, the 3 of us lived happily ever after !

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Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


Mom says ahhhhhhh!

Woo look khute with Chamois and Ace!