Jan 25, 2009

Kibbles sux !

Oh boy, I really really reallyyyyyyy HATE kibbles !
They taste so bland and awful..

Look how I "enjoy" them .

Trying my best to eat as much as I can..

I feel like vomitting everything out !

Maybe I should learn from Bolt . You know.. The movie "Bolt" ..
Yeah ! Maybe by staring at the kibbles , they would vanish !

Okay.. Whad a mess ! Anyway, this is the best I could do after staring at it for quite some time.
I should practise this more often and maybe one day, ONE DAY, it would be gone.. FOREVER!

Would you stop bothering me with that flashy thingy already?!
Do you want me to make you VANISH too ?! -STARE STARE STARE-

Okay okay, Don't waste food mommy ! Come , let me do it .


Lorenza said...

Hi, Angel!
Maybe your mom could add something tasty to your kibble! Yogurt, cottage cheese, something like that and you will love it!
I eat my kibble in less than a minute!
Kisses and hugs

The FOUR Musketeers said...

AWW~ I hate kibbles alone ,
but if mum add some other food in it , it will be heaven !

Angel said...

I love my doggy milk and mommy adds some to the kibbles. But still, kibbles are kibbles !
At least I get to enjoy human food at night ! :D