Apr 25, 2009

Sorry guys, got to be gone for a few weeks again :(

Cos mommy's mid-yr is coming up, no time to help me blog .

Anyway, anyone who know of any male unsterilised shih tzu that is ready to mate pls contact mommy at endlessfaithh@hotmail.com :D please help to spread, thanks . mommy's thinking of breeding me ;D Just like Amber :D

This is me when I was only 2months old(: when mommy & family chanced upon me. This is also the time when they paid a deposit of $200 when they decided to buy me . See how I stick out my tongue like I do so now ? Hahas(: Behind me is my brother. We share the exact same colour don't we? :D

Apr 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Cody!


Sorry we couldn't post yesterday, mommy was busy with school. Anyway, Mommy & I made a card for you ! Unfortunately, Mommy's parents are wayyyyy to strict ! They do not allow mommy to send or receive any gifts!! SAD :( So mommy and I did a handmade card ^^ Hope you like it !

Apr 9, 2009

Hey guys ! Mommy was supposed to HELP ME post about the doggy event at East Coast TODAY! But she didn't. Nope, she hasn't . Someone ~~ SOMEONE was being a doofus ! Pictures and videos are stored in the camera and that 'someone' whom I shall not name remains as ANONYMOUS, is LAZY to upload them!! Oh well, she says she will upload next week.

like hello ~ you are the lazy girl here! PIGLET SLEEPING ALL DAY !

And look at the way you sleep young girl ! Not gentle at all, nope, not at all

From the floor to the stool...

From the stool to the sofa...

And also.. hugging a mini bolster.

This girl actually managed to sleep in all sorts of position and place!

And now.. little girl asking for watermelon after her dinner!
Aww.. look at that sweet face, how could i ever reject her request!?

Yum Yum Yum !!

Went for a short walk . And then.. it was time to sleep.. I mean really sleep.
C'mon mom ! What are you waiting for !? Can't you see my eyes are closing!!? STOP fiddling with the camera!!
Yupp, at night, the best place to sleep, is MOMMY'S BED ;D

Apr 3, 2009

Hey guys !

Mommy went to her tutor's house that day & she brought me along !
There was another dog there :D it seems like a silky terrier x airedale terrier .
Sometimes, I tend to be afraid of dogs bigger than me and dogs that are so hyper .
When the dog was out I actually went into hiding which was sooo unlike me !

It's probably becos of a new environment? Mommy always bring me to the park and when there are bigger dogs sometimes, I wasn't afraid at all .

Look at the poor me hiding and running away !

Actually, after mommy stopped the video, I sort of turned aggressive and started to growl and snap at the other dog. Mommy & her sis quickly separated both of us so that it won't turn out to become a fight .

Ohh, and I heard from mommy today that we can't go to the doggy event tmr T_T
Becos mommy grandma's not feeling too good lately and someone had to stay at home to look after her in case of emergency. Also, Aunty Paw had to go out with her family tmr. We all planned to go together as a family but since everything at home is in a chaos now, we had to forgo the event :(

Oh well, at least mommy promised me to bring me to Pet Movers someday where it would be much more fun! ;D

Apr 2, 2009

Heyyyyy guys ! It's been a long time since I post. Sorry about that !

Anyway, mommy saw a doggy event coming up on 5th april (Sunday) in the ' Cats Classified ' newspaper ! I would most probably be going . Anyone going ?? ;D

Btw, for those interested, here's the web to check out the various competitions, time & venue: