Feb 27, 2009

BACK!! ... & VET??

Hey guys ! I'm back ! I miss you all so much !!
Mommy's only free on fri so she can only post on fri.
I went to the vet today ! That mean vet gave me a jab ! :'(

Mommy: Ready for the vet?
Yes mom...

Mommy said it was my annual vaccination. Oh well, I gave a jerk when he jabbed me.
There were quite a few doggies there though!! ><

In the waiting room..

I wanna get down mom !
Mommy : okay ! do it yourself !

Forget it , I'm afraid of heights :X

Looking at the last pic above, did you guys notice the door on my right ??
Well, Mommy took a peek and this is what she saw !!

2 Cats ! They're really well-groomed if you had seen them yourself. The one inside is called Simon, but I don't know the name of the cat nearer to the door. Then suddenly when waiting for my medication, one of the assistant vet let Simon out. I wanted to chase it ! It wasn't scared of me. It sniffed me and went walking around O.O

Oh, and the vet said my bladder stones are still there :( I have to continue my medication.. T.T
Since we were at serangoon, there were many pet shops there and mommy decided to bring me to 'Happy Paws' to trim my nails.

I was so afraid by the many puppies bark, I didn't dare go near them!

After we were done, we went to walk around and then home !

Going up the overhead bridge

walking along the path of the overhead bridge

going down the overhead bridge. Gosh, this is tiring !!

Walk through the park to get home

In the lift.. So tired to even stand..

Finally, HOME !!

Aunty Paw washing my paws :D

Falling asleep..