Jan 28, 2009

oh man.. it bath time again !

I hate bathing as you all know..
Hmm ... well ...
Mommy was in sch so Aunty Paw gave me a bath.
OHOH, and Aunty Paw says that she saw a really shaky tooth in my mouth !!
So yahh.. there'll be a post on my tooth coming up soon !! That is.. if i don't swallow my tooth :D

Well, here's the clean&nice smelling me after the bath !
I don't look really happy huh ? It must be the bath !

Okay then... I saw mommy came back and den I started whining cos I wanna get off the chair and run to mommy !
But...I'm afraid to jump off ! :(

And mean mommy took a video of me crying to get off the chair and forced me to put it up the blog.. HOW HUMILIATING !!

Mommy took some photos of me after the bath.

Ace and I

Happy me after the bath

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