Feb 7, 2009

A new squeaky toy !

Mommy bought me a new squeaky toy !
Yippee I love squeaky toys !
They're the best !

This is the new squeaky football-shaped toy :

Pictures of me play with the new toy :

A video of me playing with it :

I don't know why I love squeaky toys so much and do not like the ball type toys.
Hmm.. probably becos it was the 1st toy that grandma bought when she bought me ..
I still have that toy but it has lost its squeakiness :(
But I still play with it !

A pic of the very 1st toy I got (it's a dog-shaped toy) :

So far, these are the squeaky toys I have. I have other toys too but I do not like them becos they aren't squeaky :p

I still rmb the 1st time I got a squeaky toy and I was so freaking scared of it !
I would hide under a table and bark and growl at it .
When I bite it and it squeak, I would freak out and back away from it !

Mommy calls him Jonathan

Hey pals !!

Mommy's new baby boy cousin has arrived !!
He was brought to our hse since his parents had to shopped.. they weren't ready and quite unorganised...

Now he's 3 days old , sadly i can't get close to him.. hmm.. I wonder why o.o
I was kinda curious about the new smell though :D so I went CRAZY !

Pictures of the 3 day old baby, Jonathan:

A doggy gate was placed in front of the door to prevent me from going in
[ Look at the poor me :'( ]

I waited and waited and waited... then suddenly, TADAH ! The doggy gate opened ! I charged in like a bull !
Eh ? Where'd the baby go to ??

Hmms maybe he's here..

Nope, whad about here??