Mar 10, 2009

Hey guys ! Mommy decided to do a posting today since she'll be going to K.L. for 3 days with her school's whole Sec 2 cohort.

Went for a walk.. met a new shih tzu friend. Owner is a young girl around 11 ? Not so sure but her frens think i'm biting her shih tzu when I tried to play bitey faces. I chased it around but it was so scared it wouldn't move and the owner pulled it away. When I ran over, they ran too! Like I was some kind of scary monster! =x I love to chase running kids :D

Anyway, mommy bought me some stuffs before she goes off ! I'm gonna miss her soooo much :(
Who's gonna sleep with me at night.. Who's gonna remember to change my water, play with me and feed me treats !!
Mommy told Aunty Paw to do those but she is abit forgetful .. ;(

Oh well, belows are mostly photos :D

It's squeaky !!

See the poor Mr. Green??? It's been chewed horribly by me !! The culprit under the table:D

Eddie kor kor bought these for me !! More squeakies !

My collection of squeaky toys will always be updated !! See how much it've grown ? hehe =)
Oh and that's just the silly me twisting my head like i always do :D

And the silly me hiding far away ! Can you see me??

Hmmm.. which should I start with ??

Alright, seems like I'm interested in the new guy Mr. Bone!

Lastly, a short video of me and Mr.Bone !