Jul 31, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I received 2 blog awards from my golden pal, Lexi :D
One Kreativ Blogger Award & one Honest Scrap award! Thanks Lexi! :D

I have already done the Honest Scrap in one of my previous post so i'll just continue with the Kreativ Blogger Award ^.^
I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself that's interesting and pass on to another 7.

Here goes ~

1) I love the taste of doggie toothpaste but I hate having my teethies brushed.

2) I disliked rawhides.

3) I am always scratching. Been doing tht since young :O (mommy doesn't knw why either. I have no fleas or whtever. mommy says to my nxt vet visit, she will ask the vet)

4) I snore loudly sometimes when I'm in a deeeep sleep (hehes, this gets mommy irritated when she's trying to sleep :P )

5) I loveee playing with my poop :D I would bring it all over the house in my mouth and chew on it (Sounds gross doesn't it?)

6) I am toilet-trained. However, when nobody is at home, or if in the middle of the night, when all are asleep, I do my business in the kitchen =x I don't knw abt this but it has become a habit.
(Mommy retrained and retrained me but I would only do my business in the proper place when there are people around)

7) Recently, I had been so attached to mommy. Since young I always followed her around the house. But that's normal. The thing is, now, whenever she is on the chair using the computer or having dinner, I would start whining and growling.
Then, when she is using the computer I would squeeze in between the computer table and the wall and start growling.

Look at this : (This is wht I do whenever mommy is using the computer)

I would love to pass this 2 awards to anyone who passes by my blog and does not have it yet ^^
Feel free to accept it :)