Jan 24, 2009

CNY is around the corner !

Everyone knows that CNY (Chinese New Year) is around the corner and yupp, I've been a good girl helping mommy put up the pussy willow and some decorations by pestering her!

My very own Piece Of Art :

New Trick !

Mummy taught me a new trick recently (Halt) and I knew it at the back of my head after around 7 times ! ( ok .. I know it's not something that only I can do.. but , still wanna show off a little ! hehe :P )

I just came back from the park so I was kinda tired and walked slowly like a lazy pig (mommy said) when mommy called me to come hehe.

Being tortured

Being tortured by mommy..

New doggy bowls !

Mommy say my bowls are old so she threw them away and bought new ones for me !

-ignore the man on the newspaper-

Grandma bought me a new sailor dress but it's currently washing.
I will show you some pictures of it soon !