Jul 31, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I received 2 blog awards from my golden pal, Lexi :D
One Kreativ Blogger Award & one Honest Scrap award! Thanks Lexi! :D

I have already done the Honest Scrap in one of my previous post so i'll just continue with the Kreativ Blogger Award ^.^
I'm supposed to list 7 things about myself that's interesting and pass on to another 7.

Here goes ~

1) I love the taste of doggie toothpaste but I hate having my teethies brushed.

2) I disliked rawhides.

3) I am always scratching. Been doing tht since young :O (mommy doesn't knw why either. I have no fleas or whtever. mommy says to my nxt vet visit, she will ask the vet)

4) I snore loudly sometimes when I'm in a deeeep sleep (hehes, this gets mommy irritated when she's trying to sleep :P )

5) I loveee playing with my poop :D I would bring it all over the house in my mouth and chew on it (Sounds gross doesn't it?)

6) I am toilet-trained. However, when nobody is at home, or if in the middle of the night, when all are asleep, I do my business in the kitchen =x I don't knw abt this but it has become a habit.
(Mommy retrained and retrained me but I would only do my business in the proper place when there are people around)

7) Recently, I had been so attached to mommy. Since young I always followed her around the house. But that's normal. The thing is, now, whenever she is on the chair using the computer or having dinner, I would start whining and growling.
Then, when she is using the computer I would squeeze in between the computer table and the wall and start growling.

Look at this : (This is wht I do whenever mommy is using the computer)

I would love to pass this 2 awards to anyone who passes by my blog and does not have it yet ^^
Feel free to accept it :)

Jul 15, 2009

2 New Friends!

Hey guys ! Mommy brought me to meet her friend's dogs the other day !
Mommy's friend had a mini poodle named brownie & a schnauzer named Jager. They were very friendly pupps!
Jager was older and he's male . Brownie is around 1yr of age and she's female :]
He couldn't handle 2 dogs as there's only 1 harness and it's too big for Brownie so we met 1 at a time !

I met Brownie 1st. She's a very intelligent little girl !

We were placed on a table becos I am more calmed on the table with another dog. But If I'm on the floor , sometimes i go nuts so the humans wanted us to get used to each other 1st before playing rough :D

Here's cute little Brownie

Can you spot the heart-shape on Brownie's back? Not very obvious though .

O.o sexy .

Checking out 1 another .

Sniff Sniff

Next, I met Jager :D

Hi Jager!
Hi Angel!

Hmms... What's that down there??

O.O Where'd it gone to ???

Hey Jager, who are those 2 people there?

After like 20 minutes or so, mommy and her friend brought both of us to the park ^^

Walking to the park ...

Checking each other out again on the way :)

So we rched the park and somehow it's probably becos it's a familiar place whr I always meet other doggies so I turned totally nuts and started barking non-stop at Jager! Jager tolerated at first, but later he became soooooooooo mean ! Well, Jager gave me a huge snap and OK, I got the hint so I shut myself up.
We met a few other doggies there but mommy didn't manage to snap any pictures of other dogs as our leashes were all tangled up!

We rested awhile at the shelter. Hehes, that silly Jager, lying on the ground when there's a cooling bench.

Oops , I think he heard me.

It was time to say bye-bye to Jager after the long walk :( Hope to see the 2 of them again next time !! ^^

Jul 10, 2009

Random pictures .

Just some random pictures ^^

Zacky & I

This is Jelly, Zacky's younger brother. Nt frm same parents though. But they nvr fought at all. Mommy's sis got Zacky when Mommy got me so we're around the same age. Jelly came around 7 mths later :) Nw they've both grown up, Jelly became very protective of his older brother.

Hehs, I'm looking at a fatty who kept eating non-stop.

Mommy tried to took a photo of us together but Zacky didn't appreciate my licking :( hehs, I was trying to style his lionhead.

being tortured by mommy :o