Feb 4, 2009

Play fetch with me !

Let me introduce to you, my fav toy ^^
I do not like ball toys, I prefer the cute little creatures that SQUEAK !

This is my most fav toy bear bear :D (it's a little off colour at the nose but I still love it!)

grabbing it ..

"squeak! squeak! squeak!" goes the bear ^^


I love playing fetch with it !
Mommy : Fetch !

Alright ! Grab it !

Now.. leaping back !!

Wait for me , mommy !! I'm coming !!


Same thing again, meeting mommy's bro after his school at the playground.
It's been a few weeks since I saw Bell, since mommy was a little busy and Bell's owner didn't bring her down too .
But today, heheeh, I saw Bell !

As usual, we played and barked like crazy.
And mommy found out something about me; 2 dogs = bark , 3 dogs = no bark .
Well, another shih tzu came, so that makes 3 of us .
Just like other doggies ~~ We stiffed butts , hehe and noses .
Mommy was surprised that I didn't bark. Throughout the whole meeting the 3 of us were SILENCE (:

Oh ya, the 3rd shih tzu was a girl too, but I do not know her name yet.
Well she tried to snap me and bell once each but we were too FAST :D

Mommy took photos of the 3 of us stiffing butts and noses :

From Left to right : Angel, 'unknown', Bell

Same position :

I was so jealous of their well groomed fur ! hmm... Mommy decided to keep my fur as long as Bell's (:
So that means.. grooming everyday ! Yay my fav !! Toodles !