Feb 17, 2009

2 new friends !

Today mommy and I went to the playground to meet her bro again, also in the hope of meeting Bell since the weather was good at that time. Sadly, we didn't see her :(
Then we went home to put down mommy's bro stuffs, and came down again.
This time, we saw 2 dogs ! Or rather 3 !
1 schnauzer, 1 maltese & a corgi. But I didn't stiff noses with the corgi cos it was pregnant and her mommy probably didn't want her to play rough with us .

OH and talking about pregnant, mommy is thinking of breeding me O.O
That.. is not confirm yet, though .
Anyway, the owners of the 2 dogs were 2 young kiddos, probably around Primary3/4 (9/10yrs)
with their mom watching them at a corner.

They were allowed on grass and I wasn't :( so I could only watch them without crossing over to the grass. Then they came on land and it was a little bark and play bites :D But the owners of the 2 dogs looked as if like I wanted to attack their dogs and were so afraid of me !

The rest are pictures :

Next it was zoomies with aunty paw and mommy's bro !

(Okay, something is like wrong with the process of downloading the photos of me playing zoomies)

So, tata ! Enjoy your day guys !