Dec 5, 2009

Angel's home :D

Alright guys ! Look who's home !

Of course ! It's our little Angel :)

The day after the surgery, all was well until the vet suddenly called. Uh-oh. We knew it wasn't good news. But luckily, it wasn't tooo bad. It was just that the vet told us that Angel was refusing all the different kinds of food when they tried to tempt her & so the vet told us to bring Angel her fav food.

We brought banana, treats & her dinner. Well, she would only have a few sticks of her treat. She was so happy to see us. By then, she was already wide awake. The vet said that Angel was a different dog. All the dogs there would eat their food but only Angel wouldn't. The vet also said that Angel would not give them kisses when they opened her cage. She was worried about Angel being nt active and told us she would like Angel to stay in the hospital till Sunday instead. However, she changed her mind when she saw Angel with us. Hahha . She was wriggling like a worm :D

Remember I once told you guys about the way Angel loves sticking out her tongue ?
yep, the vet asked us if Angel always stick out her tongue like that. They even tried to push her tongue back in but it would just roll out again. ^^

She is home last night with her E collar and she doesn't seem to mind it being put on. When I bring her E collar towards her to put it on for her, she would come towards me and let me put it on. O.o weird.

There she is with her E collar :)

The rabbits taking turns to sniff her out. More like, interested in her E collar. =X                                           

And this, fluffed up little whitey is having her dreaded bath :D                                                                        

Dec 3, 2009

Thanks all for helping :) Angel managed to pull thru the surgery ^^  Her whole uterus was removed and that also means that she is sterilized :D

However, the vet is afraid that some pus might already have diffused thru the uterus and into the abdomen.
So they will need to put her on stronger antibiotic to push the pus out via her vulva.

Her liver case will need to be cured too. An untrasound or another blood test might be needed. We went to visit her yesterday. She was still a little unconscious after her surgery but she still tried to stood up on the table and walked slowly to us. She was in such agony but still wagged her tail when she saw us. Dogs are really men's best friends :)

Last night, it was critical. It all depends on how strong her will is. If anything happens, the vet said she would call us. Fortunately, we received no calls from the vet ^^ This morning we called over to check on Angel, the vet said Angel was awake but still not active and not eating. They still have to monitor her but her condition is currently stable :D

Thanks alot for all your encouragement and prayers :) May God Bless You All :D

Oh, and Miko is currently enjoying her carefree life without Angel xD hehe. Well, she is one dog who gets jealous easily. Always growl at Angel when Angel comes running to us.

Here she is, trying to get some sleep :D

We'll be visiting Angel tonight again after my tuition. I'll bring back some pictures of her too :D If all is well, she should be able to be discharged by Saturday. Can't wait to have her running to me again ^^                  

Bad news..

Hey guys, Angel's mommy here.

Angel is currently very very sick... She'll be operated at 6.30pm and tht is only around 20 minutes away..

On Sunday, she refused to eat her breakfast or dinner. She even rejected her favourite treats and banana.
Then I remembered that it was time for her to have her deworming medicine. After she ate it, we were hoping that she would eat her meals the next day. However, she did not. We tried to urge her to eat, but she was reluctant. We thought that she would be alright the next day so we watched her closely.

Unfortunately, the same thing happened. Not only this, she became very very lethargic, not like her usual self. She felt hot all over. We then knew that something is not right. We brought her to the vet the next day as we were busy on that Tuesday. "Edmund Tan (ET) animal clinic" was the usual vet we go to but it happened to be closed on Wednesday. Hence, we went to "Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic" since it was just beside ET vet.

Dr. Fong, the vet who administered to Angel, said that she was feverish and that she feels a lump in Angel's womb. She determined that it was womb infection. She said that other than surgery, we can try medicine which might help to push out the pus in her uterus.

We went home after she had two jabs and fed her medicated food & medicines(at night) prescribed by the vet. She got very sick in the night and today, Thursday, she had a high fever. We decided we had no choice as the medicine was not working. We brought her to "James Tan Animal Hospital" and it was a must-to-do surgery. Otherwise, she might die.

The vet took an X-Ray and it was confirmed womb infection. Her uterus were filled with pus. It was totally infected. The surgery would remove her uterus and would also mean she is spayed. We decided to put her thru the op.

At 5+, the vet called. It was bad news. After taking a blood test for Angel, the vet said she had low count of red blood cells and high count of white blood cells. Not only that, her liver had some problem they couldn't determine yet and that poses an amount of risk to her op + her fever. She said... there might be a 20-30% chance that Angel might not pull thru the surgery..

I'm really sad right now .. Whenever i think of her leaving me, I would just burst into tears..I need Angel.. I'm praying really hard for her.. Please all help too.. Help to pray that she will be able to come out of the operating theater alive.....