Mar 6, 2010

HELLO GUYS ! Sorry for neglecting our blog for quite a few months!
[Blame it on mommy^^]

Anyway, I'm Miko, finally have a chance to post !! That sister of mine(Angel) has been pretty annoying ever since she recovered from her surgery! Let's see.. She had been zooming all around d house whn she touches water & I cant stand it! I have tried to attack her while she was running at times but got intercepted by mommy :( Oooh ! And out for walks, I think she has some problems with her  legs cuz she just cant seem to walk straight! She keeps banging into me! Oh & of cuz, I, have to show her who's boss by giving her some pretty fierce growls.

Mommy always ask me, "Why you do always pick on Angel!?!?" . Well that's becos I met several different sizes of doggies & no matter what they do, even if its slamming into me, I would still wag my tail at them. I guess my sister & I have no affinity :]

We just went for a short walk to the playground as mommy went along with Aunty Paw to fetch mommy's bro. Well.. she pretty much lets us tag along. I mean since we're naughty girls at home. We have to let off some steam! Don't you guys agree? :D

Fun & Posing at d playgrnd!

[Bad News] {The humans say its MIKO'S fault:(! }
Mommy don't think so though. She says I'm just too playful ^^
It all started when I tried to play with Zacky(rabbit).
I bit the fur on his head & wouldn't let go till the humans rushed over :x
And then he must've been shocked or smthing cuz he wouldn't eat the nxt few days. Brought him to d vet & the vet said it was some GI statis or something? Like Gastro-intestinal problem due to stress & caused d system to slow down/stop. The stress here.. is actually.. pretty obvious... :/ The vet gave him a jab which consists of fluids to help his system get going again.

All seems well.. Until the lump which was supposed to go down a few days later, swell up (See the above picture). It was d fluid that the vet injected. So he was brought to the vet today again & mommy hasn't gotten any news yet. But it seems ok. When mommy's sis is back from tuition then we shall question her :)

Oh & Jelly(the other rabbit) is getting more dominant & territorial. Well, actually both are. Sooo.. unfortunately, the humans think it's time to.. cut off his nuts :( mayb both of the rabbits' nuts but still nt too sure. They're currently separated into different cages.

ANDDD I heard d humans whispering among themselves that i'll be going for sterilization on 19 MARCH!!!! This is super super bad news for me!!

& d other bad news is that mommy is going for her sec3 adventure camp next week so we have to say byebye for 3 days :'(

Okok! Last post! I know i'm very long-winded ! BEAR WITH ME!

Uhmmm.. Mommy's mom (let's just call her mommy2) spotted around 5 fat, juicy, green caterpillars growing on her orange tree!! Now how nice would a plant without leaves be ? So they decided to pluck them out & keep them in a container since it would be sad to destroy their lives.

Can you spot them?
Look at d little dude on d container. He's ready to make a cocoon!
Few weeks later... Look what we got!
Beautiful creature.
This is how it looks from d back of d wings. See inside the container? 2 emerged from their cocoons, 2 probably escaped as their cocoons were open but empty. And d last 1 is d baby we found & is currently still inside it's cocoon! Those things on d container wall are their cocoons. We released them d next day :)

Okay let's end this post with a few sketches of us! (It is definitely NOT, i repeat, NOT done by mommy. If it was, I guess we would look like some weird-looking aliens from Mars!) It was done using mommy's phone. Pretty interesting application so we wanna share it with you guys!

Looks kinda real don't you think ?
Jeez, just look at her. She look like some mini Old English Sheepdog. New breed? BOL! I must say she's pretty cute & silly at times.
Look at her nose & tongue! BOL! They look so.. Alike.. & weird.. At d same tym..
Alright! Time's up! Gotta go take a nap! Seeya guys at d nxt post!

Miko :}