Jan 6, 2009

A new friend

Mummy walked me to the playground nearby to have a short walk .
We saw a miniature schnauzer at the playground and I charged forward to play with her !
We were running all over the playground like crazy and I was barking and playing at the same time! I thought she looked kinda timid so I showed her who's boss ! Hehe !
We had to go back after awhile though .
When we reached home, mummy could tell that i still wanted to play with the schnauzer as I kept looking back so she decided to bring me back to the playground ! YAY!
Unfortunately, we couldn't find the schnauzer.
So mummy just walked me around and then, guess who we saw?!
TWO mini schnauzers !(1 of them was the previous one we met and the other was from another family)
I went up to them but to my dismay, the 2nd schnauzer we met was so different from the first one!
He played so roughly I didn't dare show him who's boss so I played for awhile and walked away shortly after.
Mummy was so happy to see us play that she forgotten to take any videos/images! SILLY MUMMY!

Well, at least there's a few photos of me on the playground !
( I got distracted in the last photo , hehe )

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