Jan 3, 2009

A visit to the vet

Mummy brought me to the on the 29th of dec because she spotted urine in my blood.
Not only that, I was always straining to urine be it a small puddle or a big puddle.
At first, she thought it was because I was in heat, but soon realise that that was not the reason because it has already been going on for a month or so and i was still having blood in my urine.
She brought me to the vet and of course, I was shivering inside!
I never enjoyed visiting the vet !
There were many other doggies there though. And i realise I wasn't the only one that was scared! Hehe. A pomeranian was shivering on the vet's table too !
That really hurt but i tried to control.
The vet said I had bladder infection/urinary tract infection because of the blood I passed out when I was in heat mixed with the urine and attracted some bacterial or whatsoever.
He also said if delayed, problems like bladder stones or kidney failure would occur.
Sounds scary =X
The vet prescribed some medicines & medicated food for me.
I love the orange-mixed-pink medicine but I HATE the tablets!
I refused to eat the tablets even though given with treats (hehe I am smart!) .
So mummy and grandma crushed the tablets into powder and add some water so it'll be easier to feed me(:

This are the medicated food & medicines that the vet prescribed for me :

This is the orange-mixed-pink medicine which I love:

This is the white medicine (crushed tablet with water) which I hate:

Look how I enjoyed the orange-mixed-pink medicine !

But i hate this medicine ! (It is actually a tablet crushed into powder, mixed with some water)
Mummy have to feed me like this, otherwise I won't eat it hehe :

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