Jan 6, 2009


Recently, mummy bought a new hamster as the last 3 had died :(
She was sad but became happy ever since she bought Coco.
Coco is now 4 months old and I must admit , she's kinda FAT =X
She is a campbell breed and mummy bought her at quite a high price because the pet shop owner said that Coco comes from a special family that doesn't bite.
Yupp, Campbells are cousins of winter whites and will bite as they have a bad temperament towards human.
But just as the shop owner said, Coco doesn't bite and she really didn't ever since mummy bought her about 2months ago.
She was the last Campbell they were selling there and mummy thinks she have some sort of affinity with Coco.
Well, but not for me.
Whenever mummy carries Coco, I try to jump at her because I wanted Coco. Mummy was smart though. She knew I had motives and so didn't let me get near Coco. Hehe.

Anyway, here are some photos of FAT COCO :

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