Jan 7, 2009

Oh, it's bell again !

I went to the playground with mummy again as mummy wanted to find her younger bro who always bully me . He just got dismissed from school and went to the playground with grandma to play with the other kids . But I wasn't looking for him, I was looking for BELL ! :D
And YAYYY I saw her ! And this time , I MADE HER BARK !
She was still a puppy, 6 months old, so her bark sounded high-pitched. My bark is kinda Low-pitched. Anyway, there was this boy (not mummy's bro), 8 yrs old, who snatched my leash from mummy !
I didn't really notice as I was busy playing with Bell .
Mummy wanted to take it back as he couldn't control me but he wouldn't give the leash back to mummy. Well, mummy didn't wanna fight with a 8 yr old so she decided she would take a video instead.
Sadly, the video was only 16 secs because mummy had to take away my leash as the boy was pulling my leash so hard it was kinda strangling me. He wouldn't let me go near Bell because he thinks that I'm gonna fight with her so he kept pulling hard on my leash! How absurd!

Oh and yupp, he reluctantly returned the leash to mummy when she claims she's going home when she's actually not, hehe :O

Anyway, here's the video
(the boy holding my leash is the 8 yr old boy mentioned above) :

And this is tired me in the lift after playing with Bell :

Still, I was happy being able to see Bell !
Mummy says next time she will take a video of me near Bell and not so far away. She will control me next time ! Looks like mummy's learnt a new lesson : not to lend me to a 8 yr old to control !


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Angel,
Thanks for visintg our blog!
Hmmm, that boy is so naughty to take the leash from your mommy's hand without frist asking for permission!! (Our mom says she'll kick anyone with her 3 inch high heels if anyone tries that on her.. heehee)...

Angel said...

haha !
well mummy promised me not to let anyone else other than herself or her family to hold my leash hehe .
next time i see him, i'll bite him !