Mar 6, 2010

HELLO GUYS ! Sorry for neglecting our blog for quite a few months!
[Blame it on mommy^^]

Anyway, I'm Miko, finally have a chance to post !! That sister of mine(Angel) has been pretty annoying ever since she recovered from her surgery! Let's see.. She had been zooming all around d house whn she touches water & I cant stand it! I have tried to attack her while she was running at times but got intercepted by mommy :( Oooh ! And out for walks, I think she has some problems with her  legs cuz she just cant seem to walk straight! She keeps banging into me! Oh & of cuz, I, have to show her who's boss by giving her some pretty fierce growls.

Mommy always ask me, "Why you do always pick on Angel!?!?" . Well that's becos I met several different sizes of doggies & no matter what they do, even if its slamming into me, I would still wag my tail at them. I guess my sister & I have no affinity :]

We just went for a short walk to the playground as mommy went along with Aunty Paw to fetch mommy's bro. Well.. she pretty much lets us tag along. I mean since we're naughty girls at home. We have to let off some steam! Don't you guys agree? :D

Fun & Posing at d playgrnd!

[Bad News] {The humans say its MIKO'S fault:(! }
Mommy don't think so though. She says I'm just too playful ^^
It all started when I tried to play with Zacky(rabbit).
I bit the fur on his head & wouldn't let go till the humans rushed over :x
And then he must've been shocked or smthing cuz he wouldn't eat the nxt few days. Brought him to d vet & the vet said it was some GI statis or something? Like Gastro-intestinal problem due to stress & caused d system to slow down/stop. The stress here.. is actually.. pretty obvious... :/ The vet gave him a jab which consists of fluids to help his system get going again.

All seems well.. Until the lump which was supposed to go down a few days later, swell up (See the above picture). It was d fluid that the vet injected. So he was brought to the vet today again & mommy hasn't gotten any news yet. But it seems ok. When mommy's sis is back from tuition then we shall question her :)

Oh & Jelly(the other rabbit) is getting more dominant & territorial. Well, actually both are. Sooo.. unfortunately, the humans think it's time to.. cut off his nuts :( mayb both of the rabbits' nuts but still nt too sure. They're currently separated into different cages.

ANDDD I heard d humans whispering among themselves that i'll be going for sterilization on 19 MARCH!!!! This is super super bad news for me!!

& d other bad news is that mommy is going for her sec3 adventure camp next week so we have to say byebye for 3 days :'(

Okok! Last post! I know i'm very long-winded ! BEAR WITH ME!

Uhmmm.. Mommy's mom (let's just call her mommy2) spotted around 5 fat, juicy, green caterpillars growing on her orange tree!! Now how nice would a plant without leaves be ? So they decided to pluck them out & keep them in a container since it would be sad to destroy their lives.

Can you spot them?
Look at d little dude on d container. He's ready to make a cocoon!
Few weeks later... Look what we got!
Beautiful creature.
This is how it looks from d back of d wings. See inside the container? 2 emerged from their cocoons, 2 probably escaped as their cocoons were open but empty. And d last 1 is d baby we found & is currently still inside it's cocoon! Those things on d container wall are their cocoons. We released them d next day :)

Okay let's end this post with a few sketches of us! (It is definitely NOT, i repeat, NOT done by mommy. If it was, I guess we would look like some weird-looking aliens from Mars!) It was done using mommy's phone. Pretty interesting application so we wanna share it with you guys!

Looks kinda real don't you think ?
Jeez, just look at her. She look like some mini Old English Sheepdog. New breed? BOL! I must say she's pretty cute & silly at times.
Look at her nose & tongue! BOL! They look so.. Alike.. & weird.. At d same tym..
Alright! Time's up! Gotta go take a nap! Seeya guys at d nxt post!

Miko :}


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

How furry furry nice to see all of woo again!

Wow, woo have been furry furry busy!

I know our pal Ludo would khonkhur about the rabbit dog needing to have his bits removed - his rabbit dog brofur was much happier after that!

We hope woo won't stay away as long next time!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Toby- The dog with a blog said...

Love the sketches, they are totally pawesome!
Great to hear from you, hope to see more posts soon:)



Hi Miko,

Wow! are you a power doggie or what? You are soo cute and we are happy to meet ya'll. Come by and see us!

Riley and Star.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Miko!
Sounds like there have been lots of events there in your house!
I hope the rabbit will be ok!
The drawings are pawesome!
Kisses and hugs