Sep 17, 2009

Hey guys! Good news ! Angel & Miko are getting along fine now :D
Miko no longer growls at Angel & Angel is nt fearful of Miko anymore ! ^o^
Now they play almost the whole day, turning the house upside down !
They both love playing wrestle (ok, maybe only Angel. Miko still tries to hump her but Angel doesn't mind ! P.S she humps Miko too sometimes but I guess her legs are too short xD) & of cos, chasing one another allllllll over the house like nobody's business ! It's a joy to see them play together :)

Last Sunday, we brought them over to East Coast Beach :D
Hmm.. it seems like Miko doesn't exactly love the sand as much as Angel do..
Still ! Miko enjoys her walk !
Saw many dogs there too, but didn't manage to take any photos becos we nvr got up close. There was this couple leashing a red & white siberian husky and carrying a baby husky which look sooooooooo cute ! We saw another black & white husky too. & two brown labs, a maltese, a schnauzer and a silky terrier who came to greet Angel & Miko .
Silly Angel pooped twice before we even reached the beach ! Lucky Miko didn't poop, otherwise we might nt have enough newspapers xP

Below are pictures of Angel & Miko at the beach ! Enjoy ! ^o^

In the car, on d way to d beach .

Reaching d beach :D

Hmm.. Angel looks kinda puney don't you think ?

Look at d wind blowing through my hair !

Oo wht's thr i wonder.

Fell asleep in d tent :O

Strolling along shore


Two tired girls at home.

There are somemore pictures below :D
But they're from the park we went to last week :D

Sleepy Miko

The girls are pretty close now . Seeing them play really brightens up my day ^o^



Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

And THAT post brightened up OURS!

That is sooooo khool to see how well they are getting on!

I know we were pretty sure they would!

Tank woo fur sharing the pikhs AND tank woo fur giving Miko such a great furever life!


Augie and Ti's mom said...

So cute! I'm glad they're getting along!