May 15, 2009

Hey guys ! Sorry about the delay for the pictures and videos at the beach last month ><" Well, there ain't alot of pictures of other dogs though. The humans were busy watching the competition ._.

On the way there, it started raining REAL heavily. We were afraid that the rain wouldn't stop, and true enough, it lasted throughout the whole journey x_x we reached there and the rain was still going on. We had to run through with mommy carrying me and mommy's mom holding an umbrella. There was shelter there and we managed to squeeze in ! I mean, there were TONS of people !

Black clouds ruling over the white, fluffly clouds!

Me and mommy's bro in the car

Oh well, decided to take a nap!

Well, mommy decided not to post up the videos as it was taken frm far & can't really see wad is going on on stage.(We were late!) Basically, the videos were about dogs taking part in a competition, where they were suppose to sit still without giving in to distractions. Dogs who moved were disqualified. After a few stages, the hosts used some treats and sausages to distract the dogs! They weren't suppose to eat the treat. The 1st one was a siberian husky. He gobbled up the whole sausage! Then, it was the nxt dog's turn. It ignored the sausage. However, the husky ran to the nxt dog and gobbled up its' sausage too! Haha, that greedy husky !
Next, they used toy cars controlled by remote controls. 2 of the dogs that made it to the finals were terrified and took off ! In the end, it was the schnauzer who won xDD A black schnauzer! He was totally ignoring all the distractions!! Greatly trained I must say.

Different stalls all over


Mommy's dad & I. Hehe, he was wearing mommy's bro "BEN10" cap.

Oh look, big head small body!! That's becos I was wet and sandy all over!(except my head);D

Family photo(without mommy's mom cos she's taking the photos)

Me and mommy's bro. o.o, what's that down there?

Me looking at mommy's sis

Whee~~ not being tugged on the leash anymore! But still was not given the green light to be off-leashed! Cos I like to chase kids :O

Walking around with mommy

Oh! A maltese dude! Ok.. Seems like it doesn't wanna play with me! :(

Went to have lunch, saw a poor little japanese spitz tied to a chair while its' family eats.

Lazing around

Time to go home. Slept on mommy's lap.

Reached home, ran to toilet to pee. Too tired to move, slept beside pee!

Mommy carried me out of the toilet, so I just slept in the kitchen hehe.

This is the goodie bag we redeemed. Inside contains some small treats, 4 little booklets on dogs, 4 small packets of ROYAL CANIN kibbles, a long bag to contain stuffs when we are out shopping instead of using plastic bags(be environmental-friendly!) and a doggie tag.

I still have so much to tell you guys about the happenings during these few weeks! Mommy will help me post them up soon ! ^^

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Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm so proud of THAT husky!

Tank woo fur sharing the khool pikhs and fur telling us about your trip!