Mar 15, 2009

Mommy's bck! & Frosty Paws!

Woo-Hoo !
Mommy's back ! Sorry she couldn't post immediately aft she came bck cos she was dead tired from the 6hrs long ride!
Mommy bought me 2 soft toys for me to play with !
She used to have a toy with beans inside hanging on her bag but I chewed on it & all the beans came out!! Opps ! So, mommy got me the EXACT same looking toy but this time, 2 of them, bigger version, cotton instead of beans and they're both for me bought from msia !

The small one in front was the one which was bitten and tore apart by me but it got sewed.
Don't they all look alike??

And of cos not missing out photos of me sleeping with my new toy !

Alright, that's all for the stuff toys. Mommy enjoyed her trip to K.L though she almost got bitten by a leech =x

Now, It's Frosty Paws time !
1st of all, I want to thank Augie & Ti's mom for sharing her homemade recipe with everyone!
Mommy tried making it and I ate it ! It was Yum Yum DELICIOUS!

It was supposed to be white but we didn't buy enough yogurt and mommy didn't want to do so much 1st as she was afraid I might not like it since I was choosy with food. So it looked brown becos of the peanut butter :D

Below are pictures of me enjoying my Frosty Paws Frozen dessert ! It's just like Doggy Ice-Cream!

This silly girl licked up everything in 2mins and is still asking for more !

Ta-da ! It's finished ! O.o a tiny kibble on the floor. It must be her leftovers from morning!!

Of cos not missing out a short video of her enjoying her Frosty Paws!

Mommy made 7 of them and I ate 1 so the other 6 are now 'hibernating' in the freezer !

Angel Wants To Thank Augie, Ti And Their Mom For This Delicious Dessert!!

Just for your infomation, Augie and Ti are 2 beautiful golden retrievers! Their everyday life is really interesting, do visit their web !

If anyone of you is interested in making Frosty Paws Frozen Dessert for your beloved best pal,
do visit ! Click on "From The Treat Jar" and you'll find the recipe in one of the previous few posts !! Thanks again guys !


Augie and Ti's Mom said...

Hey there!! Glad you directed me to this blog entry--for some reason I have stopped getting notified when someone adds a comment to my blog (grrrr) so I miss some things :( Thanks for the shoutout! I'm glad Angel liked her Frosty Paws! My guys can't relax until they get theirs at around 8 pm--there's lots of anxious looks, prancing, and staring at the freezer!

Augie and Ti's Mom

Here's the post about Frosty Paws, for those interested:

Thor said...

Hey Angel!
You look so cute sleeping with you new toy! You are going to have lots of fun with him.
Glad you got Frosty Paws! It looks super delicious! Thanks for sharing with us.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Welkhome bakhk!

It looks like woo really like the pressie your mom got fur woo!

The Frosty Paws looks YUMMY!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Angel!
Glad to know your mom had a nice trip!
You have a toy and a pillow in one!
I love frosty paws. My mom makes them for me but she does not make them with banana. I don't like it too much!
Kisses and hugs

Angel said...

Banana is the best fruit ever !
How could you miss out on that ?!!!
When mommy says the word "banana", I run to the kitchen staring at them !!
I know their secret hide-out !!

♥玮倩 said...

Hello Angel,

Wow, 3-in-1. You have a pillow/bolster/toy at the same time :DD So cool!

And i bey the frosty paws are tasty, i will go check out at Augie and Ti's blog ^^

best regards