Oct 5, 2013

After 3 years..

We're finally back after 3 years!! Looking at the previous post, we were still young & celebrating our 3rd birthday. :[ 3 years had gone by in a blink of an eye & now we're both old ladies. 

I still have my little tongue out!! 

What she picked up over the years... Obviously looking guilty. 

That's it for now! :]

Nov 18, 2010

Birthday Girls!

Hey there Paw pals!! 
It has been a year plus since Miko joined us!
Lots of problems had been arising at her previous owner's side, thus we felt it was kind of inappropriate to be asking so much info about Miko.
That's why we decided to give Miko her very own specialized birthday date! It was set on 06 of Sept, which is the day she first step foot in our house.

Enjoy the pictures below !!

Firstly, Mommy made chicken & vegetable broth for us both.

Then, she made fish patties. 

And Fried rice, all for dinner. Except the patties.

The following photos consist of doggie patience and the rewards for being so patient.. :

Of course, we did not forget abt the most important food ! 

The Birthday Cake ! Mommy baked one that's durian-flavoured since Miko goes hoo-ha over durians!!

That's Mommy & Miko.

That Spongebob cake was for meant for human consumption ! Bought so that the humans could have something to eat too hehe.


Finally! My turn :D

Another special occasion on 4th of Nov, tt is, my birthday!

Not so many dishes this time, just my fav cake!! Banana-flavoured with peanut butter coating, awesome!! I go bananas over bananas :P

Miko had food, I had presents :)

My new bed!!

MY FAV KINDA TOY. Squeaky Mr. Onion !!

A packet of healthy treats.

This is for Miko, lest she gets all jealous!

A portable kennel (I'm actually being destructive hehe)

Can you see me ???

Get away from MY toys, Miko!!


(Aunty Paw & I)

Bald again.. xD

Take care paw pals!


Jul 31, 2010

Hey pals, we're back ! WOW, it's been like about 3 months since our last post!!
Time sure flies.
Oh anyway, nothing much happened during these 3 months.. other than chasing birds out of the window(they seem very very interested in dogs kibbles,).. hmm & eating rabbits' poo.. going for walks.. sleeping.. eating.. playing wrestle.. WELL, that's about it ! Nothing interesting tt happened.

Mommy did mentioned though, that she might b going with her friends to ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs) to do some voluntary work after her final year exams. Maybe then, we'll have many many photos of cute little doggies! But, we'll see how things go, thr might b some changes.

OH RIGHT. Yup, there ARE indeed things t share.

Ever seen a shaved japanese spitz?! And i really mean, SHAVED.
SHE LOOKS HILARIOUS. She practically didn't even looked like a dog! Nt even a chinese-crested dog. hehes.

OKAY, this wasn't supposed to happen! Mommy's mom was trying to figure out the new shaver they had bought for us because Miko was shedding. Mommy's mom was impatient and didn't wait for mommy to get home !! She decided to went ahead with it and TADA. She had forgotten to place the different lengths onto the shaver and Miko got shaved to the skin. They thought it would b weird if they suddenly changed it to another length so they just went ahead to shave off everything!!
(They learned their lesson.They promised Miko never to do that againnn..)

Anyway, her hair had grown back now and she's all puffy again.

This was just taken last week during our night walk.

& another tragic event. Miko is food aggressive and would growl at anyone who goes near her food.
(Mommy: I'm not sure if Angel was trying to protect us or actually thinks that Miko was trying to steal her food. Because whenever Miko make loud growls, Angel would sacrifice her food and run towards Miko & make loud barks and growls at her. They would bare their teeth at one another and we'll have to pull Angel away)
On a particular night, we were as usual having our dinner and Miko started growling when Aunty Paw accidentally brushed against her tail while she was eating. I started barking at Miko and attempted to attack her. Mommy quickly pulled us apart. And in the middle of all that thrust, I unintentionally bit mommy's thigh in confusion. Mommy didn't blamed me though, for she knew that I wasn't an aggressive shih tzu. It must've hurt because it turned into a blue-black the nxt day.

This was what happened immediately after the bite.
(Anyway she's fine now hehe.)

Some random pix to share :)

My new squeaky toy :D

Enjoy your weekend,  pals!

Apr 13, 2010

The weather's been pretty unpredictable these few days in Singapore.
So, what else can we do, but sleep ? :'(

It's either superrrr hot or heavy downpours. We could only go out at night whn the weather is dry.

The rabbits & my sister(Miko) have had their respective surgeries and are in great shapes now :D The best thing we wished for is for mommy to get v bored !

& there ! We got some cookies :D Mommy baked the cookies for us and gave some to share with her friends who own doogies .

Look at that greedy sister of mine!

Oh no, what's that sound?

Yikes! The sound of thunder! Yup, this sister of mine, unfortunately, has a phobia of thunder! (Just look at her eat with her tail down) :x

Not for me though. Rain or shine, nothing can stop me from sleeeeping !!^^

Enjoy the rest of d week !